Fina & the Platinum Street Party

We welcome visitors with disabilities and we have a wide range of facilities and arrangements in place to ensure all visitors can enjoy the show.
We strive to ensure that the 11Arches site is accessible to all Visitors. Our main visitor path is DDA compliant with a natural fine stone surface. Some areas have grass or stone surfaces and wheelchair users may require the help of a Personal Assistant to access these. All our food outlets have large print menus available on request - just ask a member of staff who will be happy to assist. 

A word or pdf version of our access information is available on request. Please email [email protected]org to request your copy.  

Personal Assistant Tickets

Visitors with disabilities, who meet our qualifying criteria, and may not be able to attend the show unaccompanied or require a wheelchair space are entitled to one Personal Assistant experience ticket at a £10 discount.

Go on our website, click book tickets.

  • Choose the date of your performance and click one ticket for you and click 1 Personal Assistant ticket. 
  • Once you have purchased these tickets, we kindly ask that you download the Access Confirmation Form and follow the steps to confirm your eligibility for the Personal Assistant ticket within 48 hours of your booking;

Please note: failure to complete and return the form within 48 hours of your booking will result in your order being cancelled.

Please note that Personal Assistants must be physically able to undertake all access requirements on behalf of their companion. This includes helping their companion on the visitor path, which is 450 meters from the Welcome Plaza to the Tribune, and with evacuation in case of an emergency.

Wheelchair Users

For our visitors who are wheelchair users there is space reserved just in front of row A at surface level, with a seat in row A just behind for their Personal Assistant.  All wheelchair users must be accompanied by a Personal Assistant who is entitled to a ticket at a £10 discount. Other visitors in the same party can choose seats on the day as this is an unreserved seating event. 

You can book tickets in the Accessible block online.

Blue Badge Parking

If you are a blue badge holder, you can request a space in the Blue Badge Car Park A online.  Our Blue Badge Car Park A is located on our site. 

To access this car park on the day of your chosen performance, all Visitors will be asked by the parking attendants to produce and display their pre-booked parking voucher and a valid Blue Badge permit. 

Limited Mobility

For Visitors with limited mobility, you can choose on the day seats lower down or at the level of your choice, subject to availability. Your car parking voucher can be booked online too, including spaces in the Blue Badge parking if you are a holder of a Blue Badge permit.

If walking presents difficulty, please do not worry! You are welcome to use your own pushchairs, wheelchairs and walking aids; pushchairs and walking aids can be left safely and free-of-charge at the side of the Tribune during the performance. 

Disabled Toilets

These are located at the Welcome Plaza, immediately adjacent to the Blue Badge Car Park, and directly behind the Tribune.

Guide Dogs

Assistance dogs are welcome and can certainly be accommodated but please let our team know in advance by emailing [email protected]