Arrival at Kynren

Your epic adventure starts here!

Plan your arrival time

Up to 8,000 people attend each Kynren performance, and you’ll be surprised how quickly you can reach our site on the local road network.

And yet, as is the case with other large-scale events with complex logistics, we cannot whisk you all in minutes before the show starts.

We kindly ask you to reach Security / Ticket checks at least 1-hour before the start of the Kynren performance. We may not guarantee your entry in time* for the performance otherwise. 

We advertise these arrival guidelines for a smooth and relaxed experience, and we kindly ask you to reach:

  • your car park at least 1 hour and 30 minutes before the start of the Kynren performance, earlier if you have booked a shuttle ride,
  • your shuttle bus pick up point well in advance and certainly no later than 1 hour 30 minutes to board the last shuttle or you may be refused boarding. Visitors will be boarded on a first come first served basis.
  • Security / Ticket checks at least 1-hour before the start of the Kynren performance,
  • your seat 5 to 10 mins before the start of the Kynren performance. From our Ticket check to the Tribune, there is a 450-meter walk on a mostly flat path for all our visitors.

Therefore keep in mind shuttle bus frequency and ride duration, security checks -in particular if you have a bag-, ticket scanning and general walk across our big site to get to your performance on time. Please plan accordingly, and enjoy your night at Kynren!

*Specific show times for each performance date are as per your ticket confirmation. 


Make sure you have located all your tickets and prepare them to get fast access!

Tickets can be printed out or shown on your phone.

  • Get ready to present your parking voucher to the steward at the entrance of the car park you booked.
  • Present your shuttle bus ticket to our team at boarding to get a wristband for your return.
  • Please prepare your show tickets before your reach our turnstiles. If you do lose or forget your show ticket, just come to the Box Office (to the right of Ticket Check) and we’ll print your ticket free of charge on presentation of ID from the lead booker.