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Fina & the Golden Cape

These 50 minutes absolutely fly by. Heroes and villains, cowardice and bravery, magic, sorrow and laughter combine with the country’s richest range of horse-skills in one show: jousting, trick-riding, vaulting and chariot-racing. This fast-paced family treat will have you glued to your seat, off your feet and amazed it’s over so soon!

Fina and the Golden Cape is a free-seating event and you can choose your seat as you are entering our Tribune; don’t worry you will have plenty to choose from, and all have a panoramic view of the show.

Fina and the Golden Cape is a story told on a grand cinematic scale. Employing an atmospheric combination of spine-tingling score and live entertainment, it has echoes of a perfect family movie performed on stage and will have you glued to your seat. The voice of our main characters may sound familiar to you as voiced by leading British actors; Fina - Annabel Scholey, Hugh Bonneville (Hephy), Rory Kinnear (Marek), Ben Miller (Brom), and Katy Carmichael (Sabine).