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International Eventer who Adds the Horsepower to Kynren

Published : 28 Jul, 2023

As Kynren's Director of Cavalry and Estates, Anna Warnecke, who won a team medal at the 2005 European Championships and has competed at Badminton and Burghley, heads up a team of riders and drivers - along with 39 performance horses which star in the show.

As well as jousting, rearing up on horseback and dragging a Roman centurion along the ground, one of the most challenging stunts with the horses is something unique to the UK which Anna has trained one of the Kyren horses to do and she performs herself during each show.

Wearing a specially-constructed flame-proof costume Anna is set on fire as she rides her Lusitano horse across the stage.

"As far as I'm aware we are the only place anywhere in the UK currently doing this; it looks truly spectacular from the audience's viewpoint but it's actually incredibly safe both for myself and for the horse.

"The key to all the equestrian stunts and effects within the show is that they look world class, but also that the horses' and their riders' wellbeing is paramount.

"Months and months of hard work and preparation go into each performance and by the time we get out on stage everyone is safe and knows exactly what to do," she added.

The Percherons, Lusitanos, Wielkopolskis and Kladrubers, the largest of which is a Percheron called Clean who is an awe-inspiring 18 hands high, are all greys so they stand out during the evening performances.

In addition to being ridden at high speed in numerous historical battle scenes, six of the horses are required to transport the show's Queen Victoria in a stunning 17-metre-long carriage; one of nine featured in the performance.

For Anna the show's name Kynren, which echoes the Anglo-Saxon word 'cynren' meaning generation, kin or family, is especially appropriate.

Her partner Graham helped create the working replica of Stephenson's Rocket and rides a motorbike during the WWII battle scene, while their young daughter Lucy and her son Lukas can be seen joining the cast.

“For me Kynren really is a special place. It’s a truly world-class show which is only made possible by hundreds of cast and crew members; made up of people from the local communities all coming together to help create something extraordinary,” said Anna.

“To be part of something unique which has that power to unite people from all walks of life, backgrounds and ages is the real magic of Kynren,” she added.

Posted on Jul 28, 2023

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